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arrested in the pulmonary artery, first occasioned a heemorrhage, and

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Hotel, San Francisco. Wed-Fri. 18 hrs. Contact: UCSF.

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withholding all the food mentioned we actually starve our patient.

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creas opposition, to act as a stimulus on the sugar output of the liver;

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to subside, the cough more prolonged and less painful, aud there is a

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of tuberculosis, for no remedy should be employed except where

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carried, and in charge of a responsible foreman. The total number of

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He apparently had studied pharmacy and read some, medicine in Philadelphia

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diseases attended by inflammation, ulceration, sterility, and other organic and

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mechanical mixture of its constituent metals — the

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either of which may be indicated or coutra-indicated in par-

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ing in Paris hospitals, with a view sooner or later of taking

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pain, although he seemed to prefer to lie with his knees some-

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membrane. Tonsillar diphtheria is the least fatal, laryngeal

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suffering from the ordeal ; but in a few hours he developed a

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into the internal capsule, and then bend outwards and downwards to this

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and assumes the aspect of a consumptive person. This appear-

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getting rid of stones by ulceration into the nearest viscus.

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The following articles may be consulted for a more detailed account

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and thigh, using the leg nearest the foot of the table,

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the skin. Although it is said to be thrown out of the system entirely

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In the earliest ages of civilization we find medicine in the


work we are still very far from where we ought to be. It is of course mani-

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lation and other medication a falling or low temperature, all operative

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affected with diseases in .which M. Eobin has pointed out the fre-

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married. Family history reveals a neurotic tendency. Past his-

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on cooling as pinkish needles. It is readily soluble in the cold in

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creased. The swelling disappeared ; but the patient gradually got weaker, and