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The intensity of the head-retraction is described as " very marked "

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questions of astronomy and physics, hut it is applicable to all the qualities

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the soles of the shoes with sufficient firmness to exclude the air from

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poor in tone. A bismuth meal showed a retention in the stomach

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evidence of local disorder, will suggest the condition. With

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England it is sown as a catch-crop to provide spring keep

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tion, until it reaches such a height that there is no longer

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in that it is stimulating instead of sedative, and gay instead of quiet.

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sults of interesting experiments relative to *' Sympa-

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are made ; if not, one or several incisions are made to let out pus, and

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Anderson, Buchanan and (Joats. British Medical Journal, March 14, 1891

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pour out urine by the administration of medicines called diuretics, but

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general health seemed to be but slightly affected by the local dis-

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on the second day. Convulsions of medullary type occurred .about eight hours

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bearing-down efforts attending parturition or obstructed defeca-

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infarctions in right middle and lower lobes, which contain very little air

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school girls, boys in public schools, university women,

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familiar. The system accustoms itself with difficulty to

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6 oz. fresh butter, 6 oz. of white sugar, 6 eggs, i apple, puff paste.

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lesion found was the presence in both lungs, and frequently in

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away from the nose. It was a wasteful way, but he thought it was the

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on the line of communications or to points with train or boat connec-

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Of the 46 cases of Bynochus and remittent fever, five proved fatal.

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January and September, was from 5 to 18 per cent, lower than in the

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