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narrow, so that often the wonder is that the patient has presented so few
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Art. XVII. Lehrhuch der Gynakologie, oder Systematische Darstel-
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number do not go beyond the staeg of congestion, as was found in 2 fatal
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The probable errors, which may be taken as measures of the incon-
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supposed. Dr. Lebert has studied principally the relations of tuberculization
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paretic, and the nerve-endings of the parietal peritoneum have
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Benzoin. — A gum-resin, the tincture of which is known
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immersion in very hot water, is quickly applied, and covered
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was always the cause or always a complication of fissure. But
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N.B. ; Margolese, 0., Montreal, Que.; Mercer, T. C. Chillawack, B.C.;
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saw him on the evening of the 19th, when he was suffering agonizing pain,
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of their grounds of action before proceeding to carry the cases
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seven pins, which lay in all directions in the lower bowel. So
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mu7iity for their article on this difficult question.
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sider the action of the several counties on the report of the Commit-
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i gr. crystalline podophyllo-toxin by mouth, 10 a.m.
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explains it; but this does not apply to anteflexion. The author believed it
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the appearance of being fat and " podgy," while the transverse
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or of emphysema and chronic bronchitis | Thecasesof menorrhagia associated with
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Illustration Sheet No. 7 shows a typical system as used in connection
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feel that he ought to be out-of-doors, but that he wants
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jalap or colocynth (F. 170), or the citrate of magnesia (F. 169),
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cal, and social rights to all people ; if oppressions were lifted from the
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17'J.j. Dr. P. P. Ouviere, on the Preparations of Antimony.
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dence of a lengthened existence. We should hesitate to say this,
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be described and illustrated at greater length. The guns and
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were permanently invalided ; local epidemics became
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how such methods have failed or succeeded. He properly points out s
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jBut when a young adult joins a pseudoreligious cult, it is a
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The blood i)lates. — No attempt was made to count the blood
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at particular points.:— Absence of Lymphangitis and Adenitis 315 — 319
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much reduced in weight, Mrs. B. was able to nurse her child,
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(d) Routes oj Transmission. — By direct or indirect contact,
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ered in the third portion of the course. Dr. Franklin
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mon and very important. The fermentation of carbohydrate
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severe result, inasmuch as she alighted safely upon her feet. She
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always giving enough to induce one movement only each
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or proportions of constituents represented as being
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only taking care to abftain for fome tim€ from four