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Valor Do Sominex


Case I. — In the fall of 1882 Dr. Beverley Eobinson asked

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ter will never get back hinto 'er 'ome present day is not free from superstitions,

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served during the epidemic of which he is the historian, calculated to throw

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we find that syphilitic ulcers are said to be of two kinds, " infective and

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from here to Velez, taking the motor on the train with


found, and that the blood gains it in its passage through the great nervous

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ments. Theory soon gave birth to systems of medicine,

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pride that we could only guess approximately the num-

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nal (July, 1900), I attempted to give the results of my ob-

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and skill of the man than to any virtue contained in the

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painful, and that the disease advanced with greater rapidity than before.

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expense of the necessary apparatus is not so great as to put

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for X-ray film processors ($1200), extra power injectors ($3500), and

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the city of Philadelphia to found a hospital " where persons

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Epidural injection — in frequent urination, 562 ; thera-

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the conceptions of the disease held by Galen were like those of Hippo-

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distance but sustained no external injury. The physical

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cising. J. E. Link, Terre Haute, Ind., Codes' Fracture. H. W. Loeb, St.

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topsies after deaths from other causes, he Avould say that sixty

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and his housekeeper tried to remind him of his duty by put-

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and water, a slightly lowered basal metabolism in 20 per cent of

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" The diet generally suitable to the dyspeptic is that which com-

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occasionally containing small amounts of blood. The principal physical

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striated bodies. This tolerance is, however, far from being constant, and

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— I peck of green tomatoes, a cupful of salt, vinegar, 6 green or red

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of the view that the term suicide in policies applies, as it ought to do, only

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proceedings with respect to the pollution of streams, and to