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tion of the vertebral axis, with the concavity towards the side of lesion ;

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fully on dogs by Bovee. No other animal exi>eri-

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active interference in cases of retro-uterine hsematocele. On the

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serve the useful purpose of hastening the sloughing pro-

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over several days, was there the slightest indication of collapse.

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tonaeum is elongated by stretching and growth to form the

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is hoped that those deficiencies may be in some degree supplied,' &c. So far 1

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ยป Anat. und Physiolog d. Cervix Uteri, 1872, p. 13.

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tions in strength estimations made at three periods of the same day,

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tion. 10. When a surgical operation upon a pregnant

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E'Gening. His bowels have been moved several times during the day ;

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of attempting these experiments, and also for his ad-

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septic peritonitis definitely attributable to three punct-

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reaction for syphilis, and there was no history of previous syphilis or of

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grams were also shown whicli demonstrated that the disease was con-

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cal cases of leucoplakia exist without preexisting syphilis.


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murmurs which unquestionably had nothing to do with