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should be exercised, lest too much blood flow and run over the

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scopical investigation, which is not remarkable considering the practical impossi-

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and more ataxic, the legs often gave out, and he had

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Expulsion of the contents of the uterus may take place after death without the

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should be 35 feet so as to admit of a 6-foot passage down

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On the tenth day it almost ceased, and the patient complained of

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absence of focal symptoms, the severe degree of anaemia present, and the

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point, however, is especially striking, and that is that

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of the digestion, loss of appetite, emaciation and constipa-

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80 also compression of the limbs, or binding them with a ligature — procedures

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understood that the width of the track of a projectile might

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his upper limbs. There was not much to be seen in his lower

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This process of paresis and of muscular atrophy was accom-

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Its discovery was made by Armauer Hansen in 1871, although a

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ernte, more rarely the efferent ones too, and the^ capillaries of

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social soil. Those who clothe and feed the members of them

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(I have had no experience with the operation in mas-

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the superficial veins. I saw a case once in which the strong

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through the handle of the staff, and another vertically through the

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its ovary atrophic. The parametrium was not thickened, and no enlarged lymph-

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to the tumour was not suspected. The total absence of pulsation in

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