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Illick, Henry Earle, s, a, w, Chicago. A.B. (U. of Michigan) '21.

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uterus; while others prefer a cauterizing antiseptic applied to the

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ment of the competitive examination. He must produce an extract from the

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and had a general cachectic hue. Legroux was inclined to think

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sistant Burgeon, United States Army, from duly at Fort Mon-

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good care. During the winter, as often as possible, give

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three days, the temperature remaining persistently about 103 F.

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Pruritus. — This condition usually affects the vulvar and anal

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seen no bad after-effects in either mother or child."

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tained upon the mode of their origin. Key and Oedmansson, the

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promotion appears in the London Gazette, the promotion shall

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united with the hymn in Christian festivities." To-day the Shakers

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circumstances, is inconsistent with inductive science. But this does not

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the eye practised in volcanic scenery can readily discern

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feeling above described. The largest cysts were tapped and sev-

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the meatus. The continuous hne sliows tlie hne of puncture, the

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easily freeze when it is made colder than its own nature. Wine

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Every food given to animals has a portion of its nutritive

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dyspnoea upon two occasions, although not averting the final and

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The International of Chicago has undoubtedly gained strength

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genital syphilis : I asked him whether he himself had not still some

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scopolamine. For highly nervous, apprehensive, excitable subjects I

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It is expected that examinations for the license to practice

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cystitis developed about the ninth day. Washed out blad-

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Dr. StilRgis, of New York, was made the special or-

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supportives and stimulants, recovery. Green, C. M., 114; removal of

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appears to endanger the sphincteric control more than the perineal

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Babinski and Proment have shown that in some cases these signs

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cumstances, is properly applied to any local atmosphere, in or