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relieved by veratrine, which is also a grand remedy

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after the closure, is not arrested until the accumulation on

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It covers the equivalent of a large city block and is composed of numerous

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maternity and child welfare work, and particularly of ante-natal work.

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and eggs, to allow an interval of five hours between meals.

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and the Chairman judged that the preparation did not contain more than 83 per

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Third Row— Nelson, Simanek, Rogers, Brazda, Spooner, Samuelson Anderson.

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cance. The first are encountered as svb-capsular lipomata. They

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by the drug-prescribing habit. Drugs are to-day present-

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locking, and preventing the patient following his work as a joiner.

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Fractnre Splint^ Cratches, Syringes, Enemas. Skeletons, Fine Catlery, et c

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pneumonia and pleurisy, when hog-cholera bacilli are demonstrable only in

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minds if they but lived at the present day, and the

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abandoned as impracticable, because no means of applying it advan-

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saline taste, the pain of caustics is relieved just as

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explicit approach allows clinicians to determine how to

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vision has been increased from -jV^ to ^V- Of course,

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was under treatment was over 32, yet it is interesting to

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further combinations. Old varieties are often given new

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from 96 to 124. Diet and stimulants given freely. At

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chronic diarrhoea, illustrating my remarks by cases at present in our

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No. 8 rectal bougie was jjassed twice for one week at

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A peculiar phenomenon which may be mentioned here is the rapid

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seems necessary to add to (1) pandemic influenza vera and (2) endemic-

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lame from an inflammation of the bone, as in spavin, ringbone,

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very resisting femoral neck, otherwise the latter would be the first to

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impressions, to bring them into such a condition of homogeniety

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amadon and chamois skin, to the neck, on the course of the pneumogas-

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and mental evils that result from the present bad social system, they

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