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mercuric nitrate and its external application to the cancerous womb ; and
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described his own investigations as fulfilling " all the conditions required
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*Homer Tomlinson Partree, B.A. 1887, Blandford, Mass.
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of the cornea. Both of its surfaces are coated with pigment,
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always an honorable one. In the early morning, all vigorous and
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common fraud is, however, to saturate it with moisture.
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Fluid Extracts, Syrups, Elixirs, and all the new preparations,
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which I was unable to attend. An opening, as was sup-
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so that when she completes this, she will have a good practical knowledge
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made of ivory, but it has been suggested that celloidin would be a more
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— Averhill, J. II. (Campello) ; Bacon, J. E. ; Borden, II. F. ; Chase,
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weakened that it assumes a dependent position. The fundus
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rhosis of the liver, and elsewhere as the result of
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then refers chiefly to Mikulicz's investigations into esophagoscopy. This
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the better-class visitors, and may be described as a spurious spa. It
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sion exfoliation, cannot be too strongly reprehended. This practice
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A consulting physician should be careful to say or do
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Piatt, J. H., Jr. (West) ; Boss, O. E. (Queechee) ; Speny, C A-
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d of such searching criticisms as made in the Report of 1 848-on Med-
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Sedgwick: Principles of Sanitary Science and Public Health. Chapter VIII,
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this, therefore, is a fallacy which need not trouble us at all.
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forcible correction, but with a combination of such training
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Delafield's hematoxylin diluted with nine times its bulk of water
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two years previous to his illness, for which no other
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association. When the veterinary profession, as a whole,
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Mr. Rowell. — I have no objection to making the maximum $200.
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Washington. He did his work in his native place, and
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cipitin" causing this phenomenon is more or less definitely specific;
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But the navel-ftring is tied at the diftance of four,
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masses of haii-. These masses of hair had caused ulceration
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after it, but that this was subsequently followed by a much lower quo-
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It has been customary for the retiring president, at the first meeting
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from the effects of syphilitic treatment. It is altogether likely