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are then covered with iodoform, and the limb is placed

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ative, stimulant, rubefacient, &c. Externally, it is em-

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orifice than a louder, long drawn-out sound. This either

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substance of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue."

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protracted ; it is of a uniform citron or greenish yellow colour, or it ex-

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years, held a responsible position, and did fairly well.

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Believing that no disease exists for which nature has

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the work naturally contains, after a history and criticism of

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it IS that these lesions if left alone do not readily heal. If an abscess be

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tain amount of restraint in order to give the drugs suc-

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has, perhaps, had its influence in France, where it

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who allow people to give it to their children neither

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•344 Pratt, Sisson C. Military law, its procedure and practice.

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Course : Optochin started on fourth day of disease. All doses were given by

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pathic old fogies, many of whom even at this late day, deny its cura-

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The permanence and perfection of the emulsion, and the extreme solubility of the


lacteal secretion, and nursed the child. She had no return of

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of the environment in which they act. Diastatic enzymes are partic-

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