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and experience until I have reached the point where I refuse to
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but it was doubtless present. It has increased in severity slowly ever
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neck hung as an appendix. Examination of the tumor shoAved it to be an
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I only saw the case at the autopsy, it is not possible for me to say
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tion under chloroform a distinct fullness and some swelling were
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by charging for unnecessary calls, it must also be borne in mind
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colds and weight a few pounds below the normal, especially if
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a combination of fraternal with regular insurance. It died in
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Mr. a. Ernest Maylard ( The Annals of Surgery,, January, 1890) reports two
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which latter is certainly the least fatal in Germany, Austria, and Amer-
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visit. It is obvious to any man who thinks, that such an arrange-
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separates the longitudinal system of lamellcfi of the epiphysis from that of the
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Neoplasms. A middle-aged man came under my care some
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either early or much later than the first. In my experience, it is most
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eye but if the third nerve is affected, we have ptosis.
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three days' standing. Watching the earliest symptoms is of as much
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nerve (from want of use). — Annales des Maladies de P Oreille, January, 1890.
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hour in all has generally been employed. Malt extract may be mixed with
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sores situated on the female genitals has led many to overrate
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tion would, therefore, be applicable not only to fractures of the temporal
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the disease. The symptoms alone, it may be said, have up to the present
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true peptone were found in the filtrate. This was the patient's
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condition of the patient's mind forbade this. An anti-diabetic treatment was
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siderable quantity of " oleum cinereum," which resulted in the appearance of
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honorable release from service, he is to be returned as an enlisted
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pneumonia find that the poultice-jacket is a valuable aid in treatment.
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and patience in an endeavor to collect a possible eighteen hundred.
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(thirty per cent.) were instances of marked intermittent, having bronchial
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of bowel. This, together with the caecum and ascending colon, were
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condition his abdomen was opened ; the appendix immediately
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temperature was 101.6° F, pulse 135 and irregular, respirations 44.
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stantial manner in which the book appears. It is profusely illus-
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cient justification, that the colleges of this country do not consider paedi-
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value because it represents the results of his personal observa-
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1 : 1000 solution of sublimate given with an insufflator, and often without
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Halsted, the President of the Society, and adopted by the Delegates
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Case VI. — John Arnot, three months. Left hip. June 19th.
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more, it at least indicates that the medical profession as a whole is