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houses of the various parishes are the only reception

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patients in whom it was indicated; older patients were significantly more likely to have these measure-

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A cannula was inserted into the lowest part of the pleura,

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with Lawyers, Preachers, Writers and Business Men), Nervous Headache, Neuralgia,

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33. Ishimori T, Raizner AE, Chahine RA, Awdeb M, Luchi RJ:

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because people felt that the medical people were work-

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the same substance is formed by pneumococcus during the course of

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narrow and short, and in the atrophy of its middle lobe. This atrophy

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analogous to the diphtheritic paralysis observed in man. They

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There are many reasons physicians choose to retire:

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experiment at the end of three days came most perilously near resulting in a

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Serum Treatment of Ozena. — Scrafino and Delia Vedova {Arch.

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true when there is evidence of beginning disintegra-

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could, but it does not the least bit alleviate the pain at the negative

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in the large colon, the result of feeding on dirty grain, such

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with a milliampere meter and current controller on a shelf

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into permanent connective or cicatricial tissue. It is in this way that

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but his experiments made it cleai* that a couvulsiou is a

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anopsia; it often occurs in the deviated eye of persons

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his experience of forty cases of version b^- the old method, that under chloroform,

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BaJtTTOF, W. D., assistant surgeon. To proceed to Port

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persons as late as one month after the ingestion of large doses of

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to its present established success. Having been intimately asso-

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verse direction. The artery is then to be traced inwards, and the adjacent

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(3) Operations upon the female genitals which wound or in-

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no attention from surgeons until the commencement of the pres-

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feebly bound together; respiration -introduces oxygen into

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Cyst must be coiTect, I operated on the patient in the Western General

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gous granulations are present, they should he cut with

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edition, London, 1893, pp. 56-77, chap, iii., ' On the Convention of Geneva

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As a guide of conduct in the difficulties of medical

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and behind the ears. They lived in the same house, and

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artery of the lamb into the patient's brachial vein at the bend of

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him similarly estimate for himself the portion of life he had spent in

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