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last alone promises successful application in those
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dition may be seen in more than one member of the family.
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pelvic cellulitis, a disease that may remain comparatively quiescent
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chills and fever, and was sick about one week. This
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acute abscess, and in both in complete closure of the nasal ducts,
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weight attached to the foot, the counter-extension being made by a perineal
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very clear illustration of the slow pace of surgery in the dark
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ucated mind, and conveys no definite conception to the
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tion ; No Rheumatic History ; No History of Exposure
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twelve to eighteen months old, 4 grs. is a fair dose ; from two
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that 160 adults and 40 child patients can now he ac-
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** great appetite, and do not receive nourifhment in
thunderscream pills side effects
modi venula & confimiles alia ferentur. Qiittmque ad
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may be the means of directing the attention of this
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" epileptics bear tonics badly " would seriously think of advising an
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tion during and after influenza was frequently observed in the mili-
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When maintained, it is an extension or approximation
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either close the wound in the intestine or to lasten by
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n. Felt, M.I)., Hillsborough Bridge; Secretary. Gran-
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only in affording relief to those suffering from acute
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gathered into bundles, all of which, along with their
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shortening, and it dimiDisbee the possibility of diaseminatiiig Uie
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tem that Professor Weaver so kindly brought with him, nor
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and renewed the Aconite with excellent effect as at the first. I
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of convalescent". Cookery receipts for persons suffering from stomach or
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* System der Practischen Hellkunde, von D. C. W. Hufeland; ZweyterBand,
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study from all who are interested in military surgery ; whether French and
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by them, and I prefer the former. It does more to tranquillize the
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Water makes up about two-thirds of the body. like the mineral
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that the third stage has arrived, should not, per se, condemn a
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Schuller and Rosenbach. He collected pus from five cases of
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pleteness. Hamdi (Zfschr.f. Hyg., Leipzig, 1904, Ed. xlviii.) has written
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as to tide over temporarily the immediate danger from loss
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an acid state of the perspiration, being excreted as an alkali ;
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seem premature, or unsuited to the enfeebled state of the
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in severe and febrile cases, especially in the pre-icteric stage.
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refer to the ordinary elementary works on midwifery, as the details
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renting just such a projection as an enlarged liver might pro-
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Pulmonary tuberculosis of children, w-hich invariably implicates
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plethoric, venesection was found helpful. In the bilious remittent
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This Act established the General Medical Council, the registration of
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are in that position now ; they are officers of the ship, and rank