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may be remarkably loud, and yet the hand feel no vibration/' *

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love for Phyllis, but Xanthias's shame arose from the

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movable over the gland. There was no retraction of the nipple, no pain

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idia are sometimes tinged with red in old cultures; usually, how-

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nndiTStanding of the actioti of medieines, and of their agency

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netic, structural and functional standpoints, includ-

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The twenty-fourth annual meeting of the American Laryn-

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der our society more efficient. It is not unusual for societies created

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c.c. of culture in a large stallion produced hyperthermia, 102°

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sible for the physical defects in our children on entering school? Accord-

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exciting cause. Following this came the School of SoUdism,

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acute miliary tuberculous ulcer occurring at such an advanced

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lated in a peculiarly vivacious style, give this book an

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day, for weeks and months together, and not have Con-

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fifth of a milligram of Old Tuberculin. (The O. T. may be secured

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medical serrice, but he was recalled before he reached the


but, like the dynamo, which converts motion into electricity, it remains

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the Rocky Mountains. It continues thus full and overflowing the low

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milk of two women differs. A safe way is to begin with a very

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first dose given to adults. The second dose was not

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Unilateral increase of a general character is met with in effusion into

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This photograph shows the usual set-up for the operation.

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is the Secretary and of which this publication is to be the

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and Internal Medicine physician needed for rural under-

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that function is menstruation. In catamenial hsematocele, the

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to it. It's the stuff we used to carry in a bag around our necks to keep the germs

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when we see ourselves threatened with being surpassed ; and it is not less

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the different methods are so unequal as not to be properly compared.

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may be produced either by the injection of blood from an

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superior spine of the ileum, revealed the centre of a

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of Great Britain, the work of which is carried on respectively by (1) a


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(c) For the protection of the milk therein against infection or

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particles, and then, usually after washing in sterilized salt solution, a series

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The number of deaths of persons between 25 and 35 was 2729 and

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The National Medical Association meets biennially, at the same

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use of whole meal bread. I maintain that the eater of

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