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flow of blood is aided, while that to the brain is opposed.

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opened and serosanguinous material began to ooze from it.

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led me to regard this particular species as one of the most common

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instances the disease, having its origin in adolescence, has doubtless

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enlarged bronchial glands, of circumscribed mediastinal pleu-

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** " on the spontaneous separation of the placenta when it is pr»m 241

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call to stool, with the result that the bowel becomes accustomed to the

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Androsace occidentalism Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 137 (1814),

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bring to the boiling point. Then add vegetables as directed for roast-beef

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In the foUowing example partial convulsions were pro-

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teaching textbook. It is easily read and a book to be read through. The

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questionably was of service in helping to preserve the

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the activity of which depends upon the Iodine entering into its com-

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this proposal was given ; and it was shown that some older surgeons — viz.,

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servers, both German and French, become universally accepted, then

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symptomatology of various diseases, as they occurred to one who as editor of

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remedies that we possess were originally introduced

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duction of the disease in question. Over and over again I have

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just short of those which produce decided sweating, will sonletimes greatly

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tissue, which was lying bathed in pus in the left ethmoidal region, was

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tumours, quite irrespective of their seat and position. Occasionally an

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of the right cavities and also of the left auricle. Left

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Of paramount importance in the economy of Nature is

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6 o'clock, p. m. Didactic lectures evenings upon such special topics as the class may desire.

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“Bribery” Charge Typical of Socialism Exponents 928

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was felt, and then upward till it entered the oesopha-

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time. Then, by coughing, the tube could be freed from

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of chorea with spasms ; or it may come on in a similar manner or quite

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the growing, curing, harvesting and standardization of drugs, the well

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It becomes us then as social workers to search for the causes of these

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through and oedematous, and there are collections of dropsi-

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A. Smith, of Central Islij:) ; Family Care of the Insane, by Dr. Owen