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8. The emptying of houses that have been' also vegetations like mould [cylivdrota-

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For this purpose the blood of an animal that has passed

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at an even 212° throughout; for if this precaution

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a knot in each cord at that point to fasten the button in place" (Fig.

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The fact that mobility of the kidney is more common

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Newman, Robert, 68 W. 36th St., New York, New York Co. Original.

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Treatment. — If the cause is acute or chronic Catarrh, operate on the

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the inexperienced ; in all cases etherial alcohol (4 parts alcohol 1 part

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the head of the first metacarpal bone of the right hand is a small, oval area

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easily renewed ; and the lint can generally be got in any required

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may I quote from a report made on giving up the nurse attendants

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March, 1 802. — I learned that this patient was still in comfortable

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facilities formula allowance, and any other adjustments as

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concretions are situated near the periphery of the liver, they con-

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and when the enemy invades the sacred soil of the living body, the leucocytes

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public opinion to a fuller consideration of the question than it has

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from the much-dreaded milk-sickness of the West. To

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notoriously insusceptible to infection by gonococci, on account

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of human judgment and the mutability of all things finite. Over

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nor dementia, but which differed so much from mania