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of tubercular disease in animals. This pathologist experimented on

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— (1) the spasmodic, including membranous; and (2) the inflam-

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prospective infection of other animals by proximity and

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grow in sedimented clumps in the presence of the serum; and that

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I have no claim, Gentlemen, to having made a discovery.

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arm was extended and lifted from the side. The head

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or slightly squeezing the Glycone 'between the fingers it slips out with

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appropriate sections touching on these points in other portions

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I have made an analysis of the site of the lesion in the lung in

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necessary to assume this decussation if, as Kolliker and Perlia hold,

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atous eruptions; the rapid anaemia, the tendency to capillary hemorrhage

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of damage done to the spinal cord. It is not the in-

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former possesses intelligence, whereas the latter possess instinct only.

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even the converse poverty of blood ; but McFadyean rejects

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previous to the operation, informed the class of the

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been freely drawn by leeches, rarely fails in affording great

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may have caused a total rupture of the portio mollis,

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which that army suffered in the Crimean campaign. Being

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parietal pleura or it may be tightly adherent to it. Not infrequent

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asaprol have been similarly employed ; Moncorvo being prominent

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these basal cells reach confluence in less than two weeks,

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After the resection has been completed and the flaps applied,

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head of later European thought. It is the more dis-

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weather be unpropitioos, but, at the moment when the

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the pulse-rate exceeds ioo per minute. In hydramnios inter-

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resin. It will be noted that the important difference in the

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and Basch have all shown that asphyxia induces movements of the intestines ;

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