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may readily be done since the type of infection in the individual
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of cases. Savill^ states that in his experience " relatively few neur-
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verv correctly incipient PotUf Diseoit^ and held out but
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tions of decided advantage in favor of high altitudes.
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malignant jaundice \ictere malin] ; and that in it the urine always
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This ability, then, to disintegrate not only sloughs but also
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suoh as infusion of linseedj decoction of marsh-mallows, or white of
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as it frequently occurs in chronic passive congestion of other
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fered with in the requirements of the stable ; or in
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a lady under my care a year ago for a very peculiar form of
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Several small abscesses appear in pelvic cavity. Lungs : right
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are to be exhibited internally, are to be taken for
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sively hot summers. In many of these cases the anamnesis
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J. W. Eckfelt. Lastly I would mention the kindness of
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of Columbia one. From erysipelas, New York, three, Balti-
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ing supplies has long been conceded, but these advantages are not
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mena known collectively as scarlet fever are simply an incident."
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Therapeutics, and Medical Jurisprudence in the Memphis Institute.
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cannot fail to be most despondently regarded by the
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labor ; but that is not very certain, unless that labor is
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to consider, as well as the equally direct and almost
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and bacilli which are fatal to rabbits only after six or eight days. Of course,
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XVtIt. System der Vergleichenden Anatomic. Von J. F. Meckel, Professor
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Our goods are right, right from start to finish, and we stand behind them — guarantee
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out unless the owners are willing and anxious to assist,
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immediately seek him, he goes out into the highways and
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way, Ripley used recently in one of his Believe it or Not
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suppository, and mentions that the latter should be pushed up
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La. ; Geo. W. Pope, Superintendent U. S. Quarantine Station,
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does not cure our patient. It may anatomically, but it does not do it
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By L. A. Merillat, Professor of Surgery in the Chicago Veterinary
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Spasms. Liver-Complaints. Pulmonary Diseases (Tendency to Consump-
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ing to and from this side of the heart, we consider it probable that the in-
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the particular placo over which they fluttered. His own and his friend's
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