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either by causing stains or by reducing their strength,

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prudence suggested to guard the other members of the family

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an effect is produced by a pair of burners, each four inches

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It appears from certain writings of Bonnet and Morgagni

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softening and are quite common. It is hard to assign any cause, but we

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ing scandal. A change of practice is urgently neces-

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tions, with the volatile liniment, all down the fpine ;

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stands that the habitual takng of any efficient medicine is the

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services rendered during the exposition of 1900, where he repre-

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Every student of history has recognised the conveniences, luxuries,

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Russell Wells ; he did not doubt this was such a case as Dr. Cautley had

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omentum seems to float. The fluid is a peculiar clear fluid, which

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basic and clinical phases of specialty presented under

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1. Having tied down the eye to a disk of lead about 1^ inch in diameter and 1

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only by way of preventive inoculationa but also as a means of

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a substance being placed in contact with the sore, have deterred

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or three drachms of the powder in one dose, then he

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bined with insufficiency of the same valves, and with anomalies of the aortic valves.

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fundus passes downward through the os uteri. There may, however,

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wards with the symptoms of phthisis, which had advanced with giant

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tuberculosis of spleen ; tubercular ulceration of intes-

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Again, as to minor matters, I could but notice the cour-

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is fallacious, but it meets popular prejudices. Let

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make pickles appear fresh and green ; while it is a notorious fact

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furnished a full and accurate description of the leading characters of

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cases of severe dentition, that the bowels should be well opened;

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prolonged hyperglycemia, the sugar threshold rose, but yet with the

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of the trials in which Sir Robert Christison was en-

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small pieces, and cooking for an hour or so more or until the vegetables

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appeared as a concomitant disease in four cases, and they all had

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with air) appeared, which yielded to a dose of hyposulphite of