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Transactions of the American Medical Association, I make

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vaccination against bovine tuberculosis under the different con-

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alone amounted to some 820,000,000. The report for 1878 gives

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were allowed to elapse without touching the tumour, in order to observe whether

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has never been free from diarrhea longer than two or

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where he needs care and restraint for the treatment of his

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that either Dr. Emmet had not made himself perfectly under-

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plicated with a retained testicle, it seems justifiable

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important discovery. It has long been recognized that iodine has

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Dr. Spencer gave a little talk upon endometritis following

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'making potential if the test is done frequently. Some al-

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sent through it, so that it can be tied in two equal halves. Oc-

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sion and anxiety. These conditions depend chiefly on obstruction in

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While it is obvious that it is the province of the physician to ob-

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of cases in which there are symptoms directly referable to the

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be saved without preaching, and those whom he has not designed to save,

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Intermittent Fever or Ague. — Malarial fevers are fully described

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irregular ; now scanty and again very profuse ; very painful,

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entitled " Islington Wells, or the Threepenny Academy," indicates that

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these views is, that Colorado is not the place for '" forlorn hopes."

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sequent to a series of extensive exposures to the X-rays, Whether

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and some of the rarer pathological conditions of the genital organs, the

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old rules and theories of general practice. I now proceed to

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established, and some flakes of cortical floating in the pupil, and in

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that can no longer be denied are the musculo-tonic and diuretic

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Many attempts have been made to establish different species or varieties

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20th February, without any new symptoms, except the deepen-

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i^yed as a cathartic, deobstruent, and tonic, by the

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acme of perfection of condition, your only endeavour

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id will also discuss the role of female physicians in

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