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alcohol. The question is whether these latter agents

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was then easily removed. The wound was left open for drainage,

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These fractures, I believe, should be gone do^vn upon and plated,

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nourishment undergo necrobiosis. Necrosis without infarction

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Leyson, Director of Sex Clinic, Veterans Administration Medical

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that aluminum, gutta-percha, pasteboard, wood, flesh, etc., were more

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this organ should receive particular attention — and here, he says : " Opium

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part anew in the economy of nature. The elements of

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of Sir Thomas Fraser, I was later able to show you this patient,

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glass tubing. One tube is long enough to reach nearly to the bottom of the

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final result. Nor is it easy to advance any convincing argument

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dietetic measures, and are best combated by the use of bismuth

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England the past year, in connection with the Liver-

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the scope of successful work. There are however five groups

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stantiate the proposition laid down, when speaking of the

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■vfithin eighteen hours of being inoculated. On the third, and on subse-

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breathing, elevation of temperature, how progressing. In this stage,

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successful at all its stages. Patients who are not able to go so far from home

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while Bassanio may have been an attractive suitor, he

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acute stage — with all the evidences of carbonic-acid poisoning.

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nary occupations of life may be safely followed, while all

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asunder, and were thus calculated to inflict wounds among a

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lulitis is quite as important as the medicinal and hj^gienic.

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or neurotic diathesis. One must never forget that certain lesions

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