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formerly its range of application was far more extensive than its merits
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on Special occasions. The constantly-increasing pres-
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prolonged exposure to tainted air or any source of impurity, seems
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were being fed for market, the others were fed in the same
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aifecting also the health of the inhabitants, and which dissection show-
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tolerated while the attack lasts, and those only in very limited
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professional pendulum from Brown to Broussais and back
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2nd. — Never moved during the night; towards five
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The death-rates ranged from 14.9 in Nottingham to :i0.1 in
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their physicians, poisons most deadly, as though the
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safe to administer 1 graift every three hours for each 5 pounds of
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On enquiry we find that the admission has never reached that
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majority of persons who seek redress for injuries are
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from a tendency to cerebral disturbance. Nervous and muscular
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The^ were wiUiug to concede that they did go to sleep, but it was only
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come under my observation regarding an outbreak of diph-
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by a loud and accentuated first sound, is an absolute diagnostic
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66 of 70 cases and Pearce in 110 of 121. The studies of Gamele'ia, Welch,
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together. Moisten with cold water and stir to a paste. Roll
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light that would be thrown upon their labors by the study of this
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13 months later he stated that he had diminished in weight, but felt
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It is not to be understood that persons of constipated
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^< ..'lug higher charged with oxygen or water, puts out the
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of both choanse, which had existed from birth. The facial ex-
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hope that each of you will, in his own way, be part
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Case. Tetanus foTUywing a railroad inju/ry and am^puta*
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A% regards industrial lead poisoning the Home Office has issued re-
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succeeds. The affection is usually aggravated with time
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through the handle of the staff, and another vertically through the
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and all ataxj' had disappeared. His blood, tested by
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He had himself had four cases under his care — three men
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tween measles and whooping cough above, and typhus fever
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From the imperfect character of the digestive fluids, and
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and moist condition associated with mitral regurgitation is comparatively
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standing acne in the same way ; in two of these, after prolonged persever-
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has been recorded at the Lamb's Conduit Establishment; Voigt in 1888
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without small or taste, is contained in some mushrooms, as,
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which our action should be determined, is altogether wrong. On
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for evidences of early awakening of the broadest cul-
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cortical motor areas. Collections of cases, such as those
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called to treat requires independent action, and, ignorant
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in recovery. In a case seen by myself, on the seventh day after
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