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ence between an ordinary photograph and one taken by an x-

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observes, " That very frequently constipation itself constitutes the whole

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it occurred ; in one of these patients, who died of inflammation and abscess

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and low tension. Perforation was diagnosed and celi-

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The abf>ve is a very brief and imperfect outline of the case, but I trust

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observed in that singular organ, we should adopt it; and when we meet with

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pancreatitis of congenital syphilis, in which there is a

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practice In Pennsylvania : also whether the certificate of the Michi-

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ease would have no affinity for this particular filament

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strong) will not give rise to the effects I have described, though it has often

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is contraindicated by some organic lesion, whereby its use-

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the doctor himself on this subject, the nurse gave an account of the manner

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the disorder as a provisional working one which in his opinion

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three works do not actually cost in the "Library" more than half a dollar.

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editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal refers, he will find, amongst the

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popular presentation of the general subjects of mental hygiene.

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and heat was rarely absent. In 184 cases, involuntary dejections of urine

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were made while the declarant was literally breathing her last.

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hands of the profession, and hence we should not only require the most

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presence of Drs. Novy and Flexner. No evidence of plague.

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rior and horizontal semicircular canal and the inferior portion were filled

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speech, taste, and of the function of deglutition. The intellectual faculties

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the heart, the epileptic seizure, and the slowness of the pulse. But from

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I have thus hurriedly, and necessarily very briefly,

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Surgeon H. R. Carter, upon being relieved by P. A. Surgeon

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pain, the bone is generally affected with chronic inflammation, and there is

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the following picture of a cell: A cell is composed of

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him at this visit one dram more of arsenic, mixed in mush and lard; he ate

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normal degree of health in a constitution injured and

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properties and the pain it may produce. He has found that

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after uremic symptoms have become manifest, if such patients

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in the recurrences which so often follow a course of