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optic neuritis during life, well marked, and which was proved by autopsy

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Hippocrates, Galen, Cullen, and Jackson, we find them to include 18

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main in the cornea a long time without provoking any

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project considerably from the skull while it lay in tiie

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apyrexia interposed between the attacks in the summer-autumn tertian

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companied her, partly from herself, we learned that she had not for years

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digitalis, pilocarpine and asparagus. In cases of constipation use

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it is impossible to employ the ergot hypodermically, as is sometimes the

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good recovery, occurred in a case which had been managed

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the members of the profession in this State, and to subscribers

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part of the valve with curved scissors or by use of valve clamp,

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the robots could be sent to the moon with the general

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late the stomach and bowels, the daily use of common salt,

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ment, who have been taught by the same teachers, and who

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logue for the muscle fibers in the ulno-carpalis, or (2) the twigs represent a

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I have reported no case of delayed labor from pelvic de-

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and intestines. It is noted as being cerebral in one case, as intra-peritoneal

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Barker. N. York M. J., 1883. xxxvii. 332. — Codes

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and one and a half inches below the costal margin. In the

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effect —The deceased child was discovered with a tape tied tightly round*

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A condition of tylosis of the palms and soles may follow or

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food, whistles, bean blowers or anything that is put in the

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liminary paper, to which reference has already been made,

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sooner or later end fatally. The former has long been familiar to prac-

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the heart is not yet entirely normal, although it is apparently

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Council, there is a sphere for the development of qualities

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here! Perhaps the flaw does not rest in the physician,

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convalescence dune fifevre typhoide; mort; tuberculose

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of the heiirt, 2— infan'ile disease, 3 — disease of the kidneys, 1 — disease of the lunps, 1 — inflammation of the

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ing to paint over large surfaces of skin the pharmacoporical tincture,

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the entities. Irregular hemorrhages, then, at or after

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tion to the rise of temperature, and not characteristic of

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above symptoms a diagnosis of stricture of the oesoph-

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administered were benzonaphthol and quinine ; later on, also

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are well shown by the results of treatment — soaking with alkaline

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The decay or eremacausis of vegetable substances is a decomposition analo-

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emanating ft'om some part of the body and mounting to the head,

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his conversation, and others may be unaware of the attack. If there are

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the Fleet in the Black Sea, in August, 1854, more particularly

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burg, and Guyon. The former he advocates in cases where the