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No. 2. — Formalin disinfection of baggage without apparatus. By M. J. Roscnau.
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possible, for those who are situated as mothers generally are, to under-
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best results take place when this distance is not more
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open and in bushy places near streams." Rather frequent.
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Monkey H, Macacus rhesus. Nov. 13, 1917, 12.55 p.m. Intravenous injec-
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they ought not to have a single pregnancy. But, when married,
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As epidemics vary in severity no definite rules can be given regarding
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The hemorrhage most frequently is extra-men ingeal. The blood may be
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making by certain individuals to deprive the late Dr. Horace Wells
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the lungs and light up the fires of consumption which bum
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ishing the amount of waste of the oxydizable phosphorus. The phos-
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during which the wounds are inflicted ; but this subject has been
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corpuscles into rabbits, (i) After a certain interval the rabbits'
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" For a speculum examination the patient is to lie on the
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garment is wetted in whole or in part, change it, or keep in mo-
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lary endothelium. In these cases the severe involvement of the tubules
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to the single real meal of the day he did not seek to
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PRESSURE OBTAINED IN 15 SECONDS. By working the plunger moderately with one hand for l.i to M seconds, you get
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a negative muscular condition by means of cold, the
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of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. The Presi-
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tortuous state of the capillary vessels as constant factors that
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dozens." Now that is all very well to talk about, but
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not necessarily accompanied by any other pathological changes
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the cardiac disease. It was probable that the extent
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male or of the female preponderates. Beginning with physical pecu-
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