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gatory. The following rationale is proposed as aSi approach to a so-
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Patients receiving catecholamine depleting drugs such as reserpine should be closely
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associated with primary or pre-existing inflammation of the obstructed
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squinting eye is not of high degree, while in some of
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as to the chances first of diagnostic and second of
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evaluating eligibility for membership in the Society and
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The vein and artery are intimately attached and must be
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structive process, bacteria also perform a useful function in the digestion
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or (more probably) that they may fail to resorb sugar as actively as
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us, even those who may not approve of their theology and social practices,
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you can send it back at our expense — you will be under
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each patient was asked a series of questions : First, the symptoms which
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treatments failed in only 2 instances. To say that the treatments
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most healthy conditions of the system, and that such regimen as should
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By Edward H. Clarke, M.D., and Robert Amory, M.D. IGrao.
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increases the desire for activity. • Investigators who have used Desoxyn
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of the bulk and weight of the abdomen ; no swelling of legs.
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bility of some spores was not destroyed until after an exposure of several
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cotton rolls, and the area touched with a .3 per cent solution of mer-
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skin should be stimulated by an occasional Turkish bath, provided
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goiter, periodic determination of the basal metabolism should be quite
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from nervous prostration. The following report of a rare and
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is essential to intelligent and successful treatment. It is admitted
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the wound healed, and the clamp firm. Adhesive plaster was