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must usually be cured, or the sterility will continue. In
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94 cured 10 have since had a relapse. There were, therefore,
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Table showijuj the number of baeteria and presenee of colon bacilli found in samples taken
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seldom come in for it in the case of second abscess.
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^vas stronger than ever : new and very acute pains were complained ^
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January, 1881. Sternberg's first publication on this subject appeared in
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the disagreeable interruptions encountered in its accomplish-
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department, the most of the duty being done by acting
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tain amount of restraint in order to give the drugs suc-
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according to circumstances of season and place ? Is that agent which
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might be done by me to awaken interest in their behalf would
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amadon and chamois skin, to the neck, on the course of the pneumogas-
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to the question as to whether yaws and syphilis are distinct diseases, is
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Padua in 1268 there were three teachers of medicine. In
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removal. From the other conditions mentioned the disease differed in
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every case taken at the beginning of the disease has lived. It is
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one day with Rob Roy in the Castlegate, a troop of soldiers appeared from the
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mon risk that might attach to persons who shall not have wasted either your time or
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children attending schools and the necessity of removing infected
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ethics, and ought to be discountenanced by the profession*
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large from the pure forms of inflammatory disease, viz.
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(dower). The women work as hard as men, and quite as much in the
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rustic population in one place and their general disregard of
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although taken easily ', cannot be borne in full quantity, aud does not
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5i. ; Tinct. hyoscyam. 3iiss. ; Extract. Fluid. Sarsap. 3iv. Two table
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lum, thus decreasing the vitality of the organ. The appen-
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Ist In all those cases where inefficient uterine action results
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to explain the method used after a year's experience of X-ray work in a
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reading was 185 mm. On this date she was ordered a mixture con-
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the wars as an independent surgeon with one Colonel
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standard in quantity or quality — the functional symptoms really
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catarrh. Under these circumstances one of its substitutes may
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