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the patients are better able to combat their infections.

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Town, Fkancis L., Major and. Surgeon. — Is relieved from

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concerned, it must be taught as near the period of its practical

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which it may be associated. We have elsewhere shown 2 that this new

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cent. These two results, together with what these observers termed

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*Skene, " The Voice in Diagnosis," a paper read before the Brooklyn

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antipyretic in pneumonia, Ripley, J. H., 212; fractured trachea,

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litis is very uncommon, so much so that neither Broca nor

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external evidence of damage, but presented a state of extreme

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" a large filk worm, but of a reddifh colour, thrown

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DiflTedling a perfon dead by jail fever, I found about

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there are more than 1500 civic, service, veteran and other

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It will make them adopt a three years course. It will com-

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and nontoxic goiters. Table 3 indicates that in cases with suggestive

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extremities are incapable of executing movements that are of any value

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have acquired that skill which has given them success in

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This last case more nearly resembles the one reported by Dr. Pooley and

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dental to Climates, to the Sex, and to the Different Epochs of Life, By James

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the feelings of all in regretting his loss from our deliberations,

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part of its anterior waU will break down and form an ulcer,, but it may