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after the use of the aspirator an incision four inches long was made in the ab-
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his mind, next to the grave question of when to open
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which it offers to further decomposition, and also by its tendency to form gall
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of which it is notified, but also that its methods of disin-
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blood-making, force generating, and life-sustaining properties, pre-eminently calcu-
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three years, being in the hands of nearly every medical
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musty corridors; remember the tests we passed and those we did not.
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one of mucocele of the right frontal sinus. Through a skin
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ment of tuberculosis, and for the labour he has spent on
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divide it completely. If too tight for the finger, pass a grooved
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containing a sero-purulent fluid, are also often met with : when they burst a
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Abdominal Section for Disease oe Female Organs. — Bazterrica
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in their physical health, by the fact that in a moment
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Surgeon C. MoMlHiu, U.S.Y., to special duty, examining recralts at
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served several months in the field, who yvas repeatedly under fire, and
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tonicity. .Vs regards the accentuation of the pilo-sebaceous openings,
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the circumstantia and modificantia, with such invariably identical results, that any
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v:as admitted to the surgical side of the Montreal General Hospital
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of the cut, and exploration of the abdominal contents.
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and there is a probability that the manifestations of the malady had
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agglomerated tubercles. In each lobnle there were twenty or more
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ceded by a transient urticarial eruption often accompanied by vomiting.
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the presence of the bluish spots, for he regarded them as very " tell-
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towards the end of the second week of his illness. There was a history of
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The patient who had been very restless during the whole of the operation,
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colicky pain, vomiting, marked constipation, and the appearances of
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tral part of the body of the cerebelliun. A residue of the lateralis
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Mr. Stanley Cursiter, Keeper of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery ;