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of sight resulted. The sensoria in most cases were dulled.

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organism, and which, absorbed into the blood, origin-

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the other ingredients and well mix. Divide this quantity and

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fever in this country has undergone considerable diminution ; and the

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London (May 8, 1854), a paper on this subject. The author stated that

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bacilli in the pseudomembrane, the individual may still die of toxaemia.

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and Fibiger — fonght hard for the doctrine of unicity. Prof.

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wolf foot, purple archangel, water bugle, gypsywort, gypsy herb, Virginia hoar-

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spirit, of gentleness, of concern, of willingness to

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Though it is apparent (say the ancients) that the seed of

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neck of the uterus. The lower cup is also inserted, the rim resting

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the passage of blood with the urine, are symptoms of stone as well

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author has placed amongst the parasitic diseases, but more accurate informa-

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October i6th, 1893. — ^J. A. Andrews, M.D., presented

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begins to foster the fear that sudden death from cardiac

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On sandy creek banks as an undershrub in the thickets.

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the most part, of considerable importance as causes of morbidity

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rious holiday occasions, when the system does not at all require it.

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for all, that every article to be dyed, as well as every thing

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ditions as to the problem of child labour. No more important subject

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success, whether the air he per se a toxic agent, or whether it be

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ters in this part are on *' The General and Special Physiology of

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platysma upward until the edge of the omohyoid is exposed.

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let-fever patient, and made to inhale the breath of the

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ing through both sides of the nose took place at once, and was free and

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although it takes the form of memory, it belongs in fact wholly to

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cosity (and swells more) than gelatin treated with m/8 NaCl may be

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tli-eady bodies and the uniform size of the nuclei.

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of the liver, the presence of bile in tlie urine, and it may cause

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subjected to it three times in one twelvemonth. The

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passing improvement, and any effort at increased dosage is resented by the

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of alcohol in the system can be determined, if the addition of one

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no secretion could be aspirated during this time. To remedy this a

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