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appears from the joints. The term " metastasis/' signifying the
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purification. From that time forward for two weeks con-
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early stages of the disease, gelatinous and mucilaginous pre-
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care being taken as far as possible not to touch the hair. The head is then
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Goodhue's Bitters, Salem, Mass. Half wineglassful. 16.1
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the corresponding month of 1918, and is scattered over 19 municipalities,
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Schmidt. Physician-in-Chief of the Citv' Hospital Friedrichstadi
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tions of the tubules could be found, but the deeper
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valided. A great majority of the whole consisted of slight,
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pad shrivels up and is thrown out of use, the cleft becomes
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The local lesions produced by the diphtheria bacillus are often complicated
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by the obliteration of the os uteri, which was effected by uniting the split and freshened
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the effects of these causes upon nursing women, and in
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hours before being extruded as the egg of commerce.
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tumor. The woman was operated upon about fourteen days ago, and
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of the intellect, &c., were very diligently attended to.
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The lowest relative humidity which I possess is 35.8 per cent. — ^but
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So-called " paralytic chorea " may be very difficult to recognise with
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and at the same time the excretion of sodium chlorid in the urine is
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ing to oneself a slight stimulus from the auditory word-centre, a fact
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Health Department laboratory : One hundred and twenty
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lodion flask. The curves show, as pointed out in a preceding publi-
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our opinion ? Now, mark, we have the power, we are many. Do you want
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Heaves with the horse is similar to the asthma in the
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