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high-school or academy course, qualifying the student to enter the Junior College

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with several layers of asbestos paper. This is done to retain the

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what we now call ti/pltns that he liad to treat at that time. One

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stitution. They have small, neat heads, dish-face, thin

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iodine, sometimes vesicants^ or also with compression by means of lead plates.

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Department, as assigned Assistnnt-Surgeon Charles H. Hood, U.S.V., to

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lessens the excitability of the ventricles. The katabolic or first

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Also HUMANIZED VIRUS, from HEALTHY CHILDREN, procured for us by physi -

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as an irritant to the kidneys, induces renal colic, pyuria, or

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only. The pit employed in private stables is simply a

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Center, a 31 -year-old woman’s left leg became swollen

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present in but one case. Cerebral manifestations were marked.

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to an inflammatory condition of the gastric mucous membrane. But

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World * s Largest Manufacturers of Scientific Supports

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irritation mitigates or removes the disorder of the brain and nervous

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were reproduced by cutting the bowel wall with fine scissors. K version

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orrhagic septicaemia, whose severity varies much, according to

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raising the toes when walking, the feet being thrown

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any more than the opinion of any other lawyer, and that they would rely upon

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diaphoresis by hot-air baths or pilocarpine hypodermically injected, and

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lecturer in this branch at the College of Physicians

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a tenderness in the abdomen on pressure or motion. The usual causes

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about 2 new cases per hundred men per year, in the Am. E.F. about 4.

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forward and outward, so as to leave a surface which

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patients died while upon the operating-table, and were

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is necessarily an increase in pressure, but the presence of fluid

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cial bacteria by antiseptics without serious injury to the tissues. It is pos-

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osteomyelitis and Garre’s nonsuppurative scleros-

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Newman, Robert, 68 W. 36th St., New York, New York Co. Original.

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in my experience, that the tympanic disease showed signs of greater

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and reference is made to this new mode of treatment

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the decoction warm or cold according to circumstances: