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died of pellagra during pregnancy. In fact, with a single exception,
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tenths per cent.) ; in cases of serious infection seven days were
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*No. 3. — Sulphur dioxid as a germicidal agent. By H. D. Geddings.
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The swelling was resilient. There- was slight pitting on pressure
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considered it advisable to commence the treatment with
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ing and development of this federal health department.
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The patient was a fairly-developed and poorly-nourished
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augmented, not only in volume, but also in the thickness
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allied species, namely, the red squirrel and the chipmunk.
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section shows that the Body of the Testis is adherent to and partly
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which clear away any mucus which may protect the worm. They do not.
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guinea pigs failed to. produce even a local lesion. The authors are
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1613. Plague appeared in different parts of France.
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by Dr. Wood. Dr. Wood told them when he left, that it must