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cles, and in part to surcharge of the blood with carbonic add, in cod>

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standing became viscid and on centrifugalization failed to separate into a cel-

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the local application of vaccines to infected trauma-

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stance matter has been taken chiefly from the works of Eustace

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1. Use as little of the anesthetic as possible consistent with perfect anes

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scarifying the pharynx and applying tubercular cultures. In

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skin, and in the mouth or throat. When on the skin,

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ly, also the climacteric disturbances. The drug is given

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and convinces the reader that he speaks "as one having

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It is not an affection which tends directly to destroy life. In the aged

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.^n exceedingly offensive odor, and are passed most frequently in the

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But the present epidemic has come to us within five months of its appear-

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opened a drug store. His brother was a physician and

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attempt to leave it unsupported a year subsequent to the

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Tent life was instituted, under the care of a most excellent

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Demonstrator of Anatomy ; W. H. Doughty, Jr., M. D.,

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California, the latter characteristics abound, promoting the

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this bill is established by the recital of the Stoner and Reinhardt cases

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final appeal to clinical experience, that source from

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emulsion, or ardent spirits, properly diluted, may be employed.

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the various causes which have been assigned for this com-

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fifteen to forty; it is rare in infants. It is probably more common in

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from the cases that had been diagnosed exophthalmic goitre,

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year the first x-ray survey was begun in the county,

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on the day of admission (Fig. 1) show the normal cardiac mechanisa

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Quinine. — If quinine causes a cutaneous eruption, the latter is usually

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of a wet stick, first at the cortex, the attachment at the medulla persisting.

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and is a great obstacle to success in homoeopathic treatment,

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Purified indigo is also obtained from the alkaline solution of

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as instances of tylosis, but a large experience showed