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physician who went to show him a porcelain stem pessary. He
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dans Petudede ses larves en Italie. [Transl. of 1887 c] <Arch. ital. de biol.,
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When, therefore, 1 had finished the first volume of the ^' Manual
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iatussusception in fatal cases of cntero-colitis in
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heart is acutely dilated venesection is called for. Rheumatic pericarditis
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Cleft lip alone or combined with a cleft of the palate
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Contains Tlie ISSSeilf ml JQleilieiltS to the Animal Organ-
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to it in association with acute necrosis. ' which they will always need your especial
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portance, that I have written this paper, and ventured to bring it
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(i) Primary drainage of the joint itself should never be
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Anatomy and Diseases of the Cervix Uteri ; by J. S.
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spermacoce verticillata and/or chamaecrista fasciculata
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growth ; but as regards food they are the least exacting of pathogenetic
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a greater interest excited among us, we shall perfect our own internal or-
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patient correctly remarks : "I am diseased in every part of me below
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Dr. Flint has employed the method of inhalation here
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cians, as the grandest of professional charlatanism and hum-
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ยง 2. He shall keep a Register in which the signatures of the
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middle-aged men with renal disease, and were not genuine examples
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ed with tindlure of jalap ; but if there be fuppref-
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more subject to disease than all the other portions of the lungs.
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96 cases of syphilization ; of which 53 were examples of aggravated
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often admirable in kind, and dealing with subjects of
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Cannes. During his long residence there of thirty years
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of the cell-walls produce consolidation by a jamming
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infected. Smallpox is a contagious disease. Malarial fever is
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cally administered, in all cases of urremic convulsions.
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far from what they used to be, but this does not prove anv
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Officers of Health for the district of each Sanitary Authority, and an
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most marked on the back of the hand ; the posterior branch of
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to which some vertical or rotatory tendency may be added. It
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appreciably the growth of the spores of Bacillus anthracis, Staphylo-
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the bladder was found distended to the utmost, and on the very point of burst-