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so-called ciliary -ret inai vessels.] Przegl, lek,, Krak6w,
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play of cool air about the face, have experienced the discomfort and
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Medical Journals not Appreciated. — The following
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While, therefore, typhoid fever is a possibility, it does not seem so
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observing physician must admit that in this relation there
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nephritis without oedema. — St, Petersb. vied. Wchnschr., 1900, No. 51,
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per cent. These figures correspond with those from the Penn-
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rence as .04 per cent of all abnormal electrocardiograms encoun-
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(b) The afte of the rabbit used in Dr. Camus' experiments is not given in
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serious cases. Four of the carriages are constructed to each convey eighteen
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that has been made, that some kidney conditions are secondary to liver
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socket of the first bicuspid tooth, which had been previously
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ing the presence of his bacillus elsewhere than in in-
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sudden dilatation or delirium cordis occurs. In certain instances embol-
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to ascertain the condition of the other organ. Special attention
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tive obducta, terebratione sanata. In his: Obs. nied.-
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branches during the twenty-five years of his reign. Hon-
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blind. For some reason or other the presence of tape-
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nize that representative government is most effectual
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without decussation, while others connect the two sets of tuber-
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Stive endocarditis, with the usual consequences. The different |
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raising the right arm, sneezing, coughing, and yawning,
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kow., 1887. xiii, 1-30, )i pi. — Rnsso (A.) Contribuzione
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peristalsis may be seen and felt. The test-meal may be returned after an
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A. D. 1313, now preserved in the Bibliotheque Nationale at Paris.
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tion to the one which was first discovered in the United States by
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and drawing off urine, the catheter appeared to enter immediately a passage
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foreign material by lymph barriers was discoverable. There was nothing
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On motion these sketches were referred to the Committee on
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chilliness and shuddering; they are worse from eating warm food, or from
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findings were much in favor of it rather than that of pneumo-
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be here included, or were but indirectly referred to. For instance,
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mortem^ and another from epilepsy five weeks after operation.
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111. Blood Dust or Blood Granules ; A New Constituent of
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not prove sufficient, assistants are taken from the ranks. The
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much retarded. With Wright's instrument it has varied from twenty to
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Although probably every Practitioner will admit that some
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Untersuchungen iiber die Magensekretion des Fiitus.