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surgeons. Equivalent rights were granted to the Royal Colleges

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Case XIX.— (Ginestous.) Male, 30 years of age, had a carriage accident,

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can only be ascertained by a bacteriological examination.

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heart's action. That a temperature of 1 10° would produce the opposite effect,

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manner in which it has been prepared for fire-arms, is said to

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get up and stand on the floor a minute. She slid out of bed

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the slightly weaker sulfuric acid furnish few protein ions."^ He also

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have toiled almost incessantly for forty-eight hours. They would

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suppression of yellow fever and other plagues in pan-American

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has been performed with the view of curing or palliating the ovarian

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at these points. On the other hand, in by far the majority of

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itig Poti^ Gmrriwity Regiment. As they are also held personally re-

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often only lasts from five to ten days, but in some cases it may

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tions of the diaphragm, cough, difficult respiration.

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mizing of fatalities from small-pox, and in the prevention of

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affected, the whole, body is uneasy, and feels pain-

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tive units. It must also be recognized that ability to secure

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and not heavily clothed ; he should wear no flannel in bed ; as dry a diet

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variously described and an attempt made to trace the connection between its

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physician of this city for the data in the following case,