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The Michigan State Medical Society. — The ninth annual

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noted. Of the eighteen cases, one died, nine were very severe

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first treatment it is customary to use a oord which, has been dried for

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these two spots, on the top and side of her head, and

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for the treatment of these (phthisis) cases in the workhouse." (Ibid. Appendix

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to act with much deliberation and regularity. To suppose

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the second most frequent injury after needle sticks and was

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The malar branches supply the orbicularis oculi and corrugator

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There is a future for some central station, where some of

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tuberculosis which present a picture of exceedingly mild trouble

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5. Von Moraczewski : Ztscbr. f. klin. Med., 1898. xxxiv, 59.

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caloric test, and the resulting effect on the pointing reaction is

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puts all theory, or pathology, to defiance — this is, the almost

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(a)— That a prerequisite to reciprocal registration, the applicant

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the general nutritive processes — changes on which the rise and fall of temperature

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was made by Th. Veiel, 1 who cured violently persistently

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practice usually more is charged, and yet here is a

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or general, far too numerous to mention, — which can only be

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Do9e: Dissolve eight pills in three tablespoonfuls of water, and give a

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repeatedly applied the fuming nitric in the manner described, not only

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One of the provisions in a policy of life insurance was that in

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*out such testimony the course of justice must be stopped. The latter is

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gouge the sixth rib was now denuded of periosteum, and a piece 7 cm. long removed by a

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The Eev. Dr John Patoun of Aberdeen was made honorary mem-

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in January 1908, the State Medical Society had resolved,

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Section after it has been treated by other methods to show whether these

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value in Germany, and, coming as they do from a firm of such high