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removal cannot be effected by any other means than by operative
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< 1 ulus under consideration was presented to the Committee.
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DoDERLEiN {Centralbl. /. Gyndk., Leipzig, 1898, !N"o. 26) refers to the
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On the other hand, there must be no abridgement of privileges by
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them in such a position for about fifteen minutes, or until they felt absolute
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congestion of the uterus or ovaries ; by inflammatory engorgement
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forms of life that possess the important feature in common of causing infec-
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This handsome volume contains, in addition to a record of the Society's pro-
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tificates of the election of Fellows, as follows, viz.
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very exceptional instances there may even be some justification for the
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Solomon Clapp, father of plaintiff, testified that by his son's
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*and written endorsements of FIVE THOUSAND Physicians,
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there exists in the animal economy of some subjects peculiarities
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pump, which was recognised to have given rise to cholera. The
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from different cows is quite apt to be uniform in quality from
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or tropical form of dysentery ; the last two forms are infectious and
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as much as will lie on the point of two knives ; take
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Dixon, ^ in a paper on the biochemical standardization of drugs,
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outcome whatever the plan. No system can function at
signed by the Secretary of the Canadian Committee, or the Secretary
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The deaths registered as due to epilepsy, in England, for the
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The Council met on the 13th ult. and remained in session
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been a strong and hearty man. One month previously he suddenly had an
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as in all probability by the digestive canal.* The question