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the cranium has long been known, and many interesting papers

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describes a number of cases. Osier, on the other hand, states

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in process, we have painfully felt how little, after all, was gained

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fibres issuing from the medulla oblongata, reach the sympathetic by

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complaint is that he has had a blood-streaked sputum for the

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manifestation of the disease at Galatz ; it is doabtful whether it

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efit you, but their advice is given ignorantly, and as the internal organs may be in

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below the spine of the scapula. In front, under the clavicle, there was

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consisting in a pounding sensation, which at times extended into

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finally off cted, mil. i Q tly the case, there has been an inatten-

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at Shanghai and Yokohama, and were, in my opinion, attributable in

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have increased in frequency and they have become more


effect of this often is that the patient will relax all efforts of his own, grow careless,

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unrelated contributions to the sensorium, and injury to any of

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will be alike the objects of his hatred and scorn. His first impression of women,

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acute tonsilHtis; about two months later she began to have

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10, that drooping into chest complaints and consumption is frequent. They


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As regards the grey substance of the spinal cord no experiments

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thickening and the riddled condition of the soft parts of the

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in which operations have caused death in a short time are innumerable. And often

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require exercise and good air. But, generally speaking, the reverse of this is true

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make use of tins article ; and from it the most beneficial results will bo experienced.