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is not to be suspected in cases in which the signs of chronic valvulitis and
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three months after entrance, with some ankylosis at the elbow, a wasting
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be required for those children who would be returned from
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contraction of a certain set of muscles whilst their
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veillance. Dr. Palmer has pretty thoroughly demonstrated the inade-
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pride to many a modest man's cheek, for there is many
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tions of the stomach. Cases enough have been described
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Average precip'n for this month for 20 years, 2 93.
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not believe in the indiscriminate removal of the uterus for small fibroid near
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hut not positive appendicitis. Intestinal paralysis due to the
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time by recording a series of cases treated bv the expectant
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of the long bones. But in acromegaly the bony lesions are symmetrical.
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tween 40 aiid 60 yeai's, 17— above 60 years, 6. Boni in the United States, 62— Iixland, 17—
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given for a time. I prefer those in which there is either iron, strychnia,
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to the experienced observer a deplorable condition. The patient
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of six weeks, but rest of the voice should be almost
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predominate. In the white boys, on the other hand, the resistance to
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are in reality the ends of the respective fibers, is quite impossible to say. In
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tions to any form of compulsory health insurance had
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Medical School. It opens with a history of the question from
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cattle, I to 2 drachms; sheep, 10 drops; dogs, 2 to 5 drops.
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factor. Chronic rhinitis is, however, usually found
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Baltimore, spoke of the water-supply of cities and small
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It must not be forgotten that any considerable injury to the spine
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application of a suitable bandage for preventing the displacement.
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tion, and the Wyoming Medical Society. Affiliated Specialty So-
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interstitial hemorrhage between the muscles and the occurrence of circulatory
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most contagious disease. There seems, however, to be
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Fourthly. She never felt but one movement, although at
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superiority of their method for syphilitic arthropathies.
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and either die or enter the alimentary canal of a Cyclops by passing
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temperature in the axilla was — morning lOSS", evening 101'6°.
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soil, that wherever the earth is turned up, even from considerable depths,
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or fem.ale ward is very imposing in appearance, being about
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the coats were smooth and glossy up till death. The
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to causes which it is unnecessary here to recapitulate. To a certain
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A. M. Templeton, of Zanesville, has gone to New York City, where
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United Kingdom, Vol. X, p. 194) of double congenital dis-
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resistance that the diaphragm can overcome can he noted and
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oners in some of the French prisons, was 250 per 1000 j
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since then been supported by Van der Kolk, and it will yet, I believe,
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