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Causation. — " Dubini's disease " occurs most commonly in Lombardy

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of Medicine that have made their appearance in recent years.

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heart-burn, accompanied by distressing oppression. "The sufferer

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Supplement, April 26th, 1890 (from La Lumiire Electrique).

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the mania is apt to become chronic ; if they do well, the prog-

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15. Von Decastello : Ueber den Einfluss der Milzextirpation auf die Perniciose

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1897 c— Idem. Reprint, p. 586. 8°. Jena, [Lib. Stiles.]

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together. Saratoga, July 2, 1893, J. D. Parker; Cummins, July 28,

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in fact he appeared to be moribund. Dr. Mosler immediately had his month

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having been reported in as many as 26 per cent, of certain autopsy series.

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for four hours. At the expiration of that time, she breathed herself

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real affections has inflicted. Independent of the permanent destruc-

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usually associated with this condition, and the heart sounds are

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The extremities of the bone bore the appeaiance of having

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has not been universally adopted. Eighteen inches of

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be removed, next by grasping the entire mass in a special

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rabbit's cornea exactly corresponding by the same means, and transfers it to.

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tions more rapid lhan the pulse. In children the range is generally between

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believes that dilatation after operation occurs usually before feeding has

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deal in this world where medicine is extraordinarily success-

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geon. It being the basis of medicine as a practical art, no

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has been introduced by Bowman, of London, by which we express

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with which the hermit-crab closes the mouth of its borrowed shell. But we cannot siiow

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of the serum protein by the proteolytic ferment of the same serum

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servers that seventy-five per cent, of all persons who die after the age

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of medicine would require a body of alcohol much larger than the whole

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which our Western swine are raised are not superior to those of the

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four hours, the admirable method so highly recommended by Schmorl


each patient was asked a series of questions : First, the symptoms which

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however, brought out very fairly the best views of the

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Navel-Jlringt to be cut immediately if the child mould have a

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enjoyed immunity from calculous disease. It was said, for

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The mode of conversion of railway luggage waggons, which has