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distention of the intestine, or the pressure of intestinal gases

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infliction of the wound. The patient totters and falls, bereft of

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trouble. The passage from the ovary becomes obstructed

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moderate degree of force. Again, there can not be a doubt

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and Basch have all shown that asphyxia induces movements of the intestines ;

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lips, withal, a general expression of tranquil benevo-

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in three weeks, and cured by drying or smoking. The

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persons over 30, who died a violent death. Harris, at the Manchester Infirmary,

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affected, symptoms of paralysis of the sympathetic of one or both sides are

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Until within recent years the most common group of symptoms has been

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not be so, unless in rare, exceptional instances, is but too evident.

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insidious course, the bowel becomes more distended, its peritoneal

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those of the Greeks, so much so, indeed, that Strabo

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to your ably conducted, and very interesting Journal. I cannot part

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and which happens to be with extreme facility, by a process allied to fermentation,

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been decided to centralize this work at the Central Office and make this

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tion 42; leucocytosis 28,000. She presented an anx-

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He pointed out that during labor every portion of surface of the body of the

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Richard Bates, M.D., in his article entitled, “What The

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time, but most individuals are satisfied with good manners,