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diseases. He has cured cases of pityriasis vei"sicolor, pity-
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be done without its being at all noted as a peculiarity of speech, for many per-
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and director of hospitals are first found at this period.
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rate the cartilage of the nose, and insert a tube, which
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any more than the opinion of any other lawyer, and that they would rely upon
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itself, while a recent conference of Cabinet Ministers and health
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the effects of the typhoid epidemic of 1889-1890 at Cumberland, Md.,
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year 1896. The same course was adopted in England and
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mortality of 87 per cent., and 25 were adults, with a
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plain of severe cephalalgia accompanied by profound
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daily doses for 14 days and then bled and the serum was tested on the
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should be repeated daily or on alternate days between three and
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be described as a sibilns, with a metallic quality, and mififht be conveDiently
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early ability to freely evacuate the pus. It should be good
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formerly its range of application was far more extensive than its merits
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volume of disciusions in the Medical Bocietiea of Phila-
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History of the Disease. — The following case, from the author's
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record, in the next volume of the Reports, a number of cases of excision occur-
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mouth. Anesthesia was induced in less than a minute, and the parts
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There is not enough care taken in the delivery of milk, especially
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haemorrhage is far more dangerous. I have myself frequently
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The prognosis in substantive emphysema is, according to
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.with him^relteve his necessities if reqiiiiedto look upon
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chophyton tonsurans." The dissimilarity in the ap])earance of some of
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There are few contributions to the discussion of the physiology
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the walls by eager collectors, even before the paste had dried, in 1891 the