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purely hsemic in origin, due to the debilitated state of the
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each side of the limb from just below the fracture to the malleoli ;
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come upon us the brethren of the aforesaid hospital
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gentleman it was nearly double the minimum, the greatest occurring
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* JOHN P. GRAY, M. D., Oneida County, First District.
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so good ; always boil it if you can. If at any time you have to
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unusual skin affections had arisen among the soldiers in the
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of Edinburgh, is the same who has recently given to the
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On this part of the description, I propose only to observe,
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is in every way competent and successful in his treatment,
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Asthmatic attacks, as already stated, are generally overcome
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lesions will serve as a very clear illustration of the
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air-cells, causing the parenchyma to appear dense, turgid, and
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tympanic membranes ; a little blood came from both, but no visible pus.
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household spice, it is also a drug which has a place in many of the
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culosis on the pure air system. Dr. Harris resided in the Canary
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opened at two places by a dental drill. Through the hole farther from the
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Strictly speaking, neither of these terms signifies the
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but amalgamates them at once with the general profession. It
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Trom these considerations, you can at once deduce the proper
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ounce of glaubar salts have been dissolved ; strain it, and
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tion, but not to rupture the coats. The boy died tne next
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other and as yet unidentified distomes are by no means the rare parasites
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IJulse; a gentle perspiration; an itchy state of the skin, and, of toner, of the nose;
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previous collapse of a considerable portion of the lung will natu-
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that member of the graduating- class who presents the best thesis.
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ment I have used repeatedly, and always, it seemed to
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which occasionally finds an advocate even in onr day, althongh it
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with inflammatory properties by over-eating, done on many a previ-
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should be substituted for it ; but if a remedy does
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walking in water and on wet stones to the knee-douche
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anum with four or five grains of the bicarbonate of soda in some aromatic water.