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on September 11 while on the host's body the first greenish spots

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starchy substances, too, might have their representatives in the higher

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and has been so called only on account of its spines. It

shatavari constipation

with animal heat. He compared the stomach and intestines to the soil

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These special surgical procedures from a pure surgical standpoint

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Hijiory of the Meajles, and Method of Treatment. --^

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of these cases varies from none to the usually accepted normal. Cor-

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if we will call to mind what weeds are, and that the term

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under circumstances of severe domestic affliction. He

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care and sympathetic comradeship in all his varied interests he owed

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dinary symptom, it is likewise met with in some forms of chronic

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nized by holding the solution in a thin-walled glass vessel against a

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was only to carry out his desire to do good for the sake

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meningitis were different diseases. One or two of the

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in their wanderings. The contrast between them and their kinsmen, the

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scribed the changes in the lungs as hypertrophic, and others

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hydrocele of cord ; (3) stomach after posterior gastro-enterostomy in

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which may be productive of even fatal hemorrhage. It is accompanied by

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other sy raiitoms of strangulation, she took a cathartic

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months and was not aggravated by fried or fatty foods,

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gonorrhoea, syphilis, rabies, and probably smallpox and other exanthema-

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The difficulty of estimating the value of prophylactic injections in the

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the operations, operative modifications, and results are included. The

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pleural effusion the upper level of dulness follows an S-shaped curve, with the

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the value of this kind of medication, which I have never had occasion

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grounds for his confidence in the utility of the procedure, he would

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demonstrated by the x-ray method. After the contents of the stomach

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are either still-born or else live but a short time.

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Cknxral Orders, No. 47. — ^AU medical and hospital

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