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riage has taken place. There may be imperfections, but if the two
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it is the application of principles we have discussed in detail
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experiments the first was the most satisfactory, due largely to the fact
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or myopia, astigmatism or muscular insufficiency and strabis-
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In the insane the sleep following hypnotism is shorter, on
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said to him, but his replies are so indistinct, low, and frequently
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well known that improvement may follow surgical interference
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(b) Possible Sources oj Injection or Routes oj Injection En-
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pieces, was applied. The strapping was lightly applied, with no attempt to
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giving of such a fund, or funds, would have no recognition in the
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teetotaller need not alter his ways while sojourning in
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after exercise; it is slightly lower during the day than at night, and
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be removed, next by grasping the entire mass in a special
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should be flushed with an efficient antiseptic solution. The result is to
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modern bacteriology assigns to them a common cause, viz.,
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work, and only very few idle solely from disinclination to employ-
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primavera del 1889" dal Dott. Fr. Sav. Monticelli. [Read 19. Oct.] <Biol.
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and Pavy). And (3) diabetes is the result of some defective
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(National Council of Women, Y.W.C.A., etc.), can the health of the
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terests of the profession for which it stands. It has created a bond of fellowship
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of daily observation that men who have never done hard
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One of the essential conditions of this treatment, is to keep the
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Scudder, C. I^. Acute hemorrhagic gangrenous pancreatitis, opera-
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and proper that we should be aided and helped by the
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Etude d'Hygiene Sociale. Syphilis et Sante Publique. Par T.
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by Lundberg ^ in a w^oman thirty-four years old. The escaped
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occupy a place at the opposite extremity of the scale. They ought
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€tny heavy body will gradually sink for several days. It is fonr miles
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constant darkness, and a rigorous diet, were enjoined. During the
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The treatment of rheumatic heart disease is too extensive a subject to be
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Literary, and Miscellaneous Journal. Samuel Rhoads, editor — completing its fifteenth
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commodation for permanent patients has been felt and
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ceive. So much depends upon the constitution or the temperament
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with their scores of earnest, sincere and determined