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and its symptoms increase in intensity as the bacteria increase in the
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of the uterus inversion of the uterus etc. Pelvic adhesions
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the patient remained good througliout tlie entire course of the disease
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Dr. E. Cautley s paper on Acute Colitis in Children
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the accessory sinuses and their treatment is also very full and excellent
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kidney usually the right later both kidneys are often affected. A descend
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ing favors dropsy by thinning the blood and by diminishing the heart
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The reaction effects produced by the cold douche are not
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M. D. University of Maryland Surgeon to the Baltimore Eye Ear and
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the Bacillus of calf septicemia was not affected at all. Serum
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mulation of ascitic fluid. In three weeks she was again
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phylaxis occupies the higher plane for prevention is always bet
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