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irrigation of the intestine both in adults and in children had been that it is a

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He pointed out that during labor every portion of surface of the body of the

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1785 a. — Nachricht von besondern Eingevveidewiirmern aus der Harnblase des

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In one very large octavo volume, of 750 pages. (Lately Issued).

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When necessary to elucidate the text, illustrations will be furnished

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mal broths are given. After the subsidence of the more acute symptoms,

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disinfecting the atmosphere of a room while the patient is in the

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Rennet, Essence of. — Fresh rennet, 6 oz., salt and proof

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adrenalin as a cure for hay fever has not come up to expectations.

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demonstrated the fact that no oxytocic remedy should ever be

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State health service, acting in co-operation with labour departments

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cured recourse must be had to surgery. He suggests puncture with

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Certain authors (Langley) believe that such an hypothesis is unneces-

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