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that the injection of blood from another species into man produces fever
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suitability of these materials for prophylactic vaccination.
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as on the male side, phthisis seems to decline with age, being, for
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There are many things that must be ensured to the men and
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a variety of circumstances. In case of married patients, posterior dis-
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may be stewed or made into a pie ; in either case care must be
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sure to be moderated. The evidence in favor of chloroform has been greatly
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opening of windows— in factory workrooms which are very large
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cession of cases of tetanus, many of which, despite
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Codman & Shurtleff. This old and popular firm still
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per cent of carcinoma of the pancreas occurs in the head,
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must keep in mind the fact that a variety of reactions may occur. The
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it was difficult to conceive how it could have escaped her observation.
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fracture of the base of the skull which is at the bottom of them all ;
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tions written of each specimen ; but he had to go over the whole subject again.
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tact: Jacqueline Shiller, PO Box 84296, San Diego 92138. (619) 223-
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decoction of the leaves and tops of wormwood and liver-
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